Cape Coral Mold

Mold clean up is a full time job in Cape Coral.  Our days are filled with inspections, testing, and clean up that is often referred to as remediation.  Below are quick examples of an inspection, testing, and remediation.

Visible Mold Growing on Wood Framing

An inspection is sometimes referred to a assessment; however not all inspections should be classified as assessments.  An assessment in Florida needs to be completed by a State Licensed Mold Assessor.  In our experiences assessments are more common on real estate transactions where a property is being bought or sold and needs to be inspected.  Another example is a landlord and tenant dispute where one party wants a third party assessment as it relates to the mold.  A basic inspection will need to be completed by the remediator in order

Mold discovered in Wall Cavity

to properly prep for the actual job clean up.  A reputable remediator will prepare their own work protocol based on their inspection; as it makes sense to inspect and prep as opposed to showing up and winging it.

Testing can be done on the inspection side to prove there is or isn’t mold; similarly with an assessment, testing may be required to confirm as to whether mold is present and to what extent.  Testing can be done on the remediation side as to prove the clean up was successful.

Remediation is to remove mold, not just kill it.  If you have a spider in your kitchen and

Air-O-Cell trap that collects air samples to be sent to Lab.

you decide to squash it with something what do you do next…?  Do you leave it there dead or do you remove it..?  A reputable remediator will be able to not only kill the mold but also remove the mold (dead or alive) without spreading the mold to other areas.  In Florida a remediator needs to be State Licensed Mold Remediator.

The State of Florida has laws in place that help protect Consumers from unscrupulous contractors.  The best advise is to figure out who you would call now when there is no problem so that in the event you have a problem you already have a trusted contact and plan.

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