How Much Mold Is Too Much Mold?

Daily Mold Conversation

Question:  How much mold is too much mold?  

  • Answer:  This is one of those questions you can ask 10 different people and get 10 different answers.  “It Depends” …  depends on what exactly?  You.  We all react differently to mold(s); age, immune system, length of exposure can all be factors.  What does not affect you may cause someone else discomfort.  

Question:  Well what do the regulations say are the mold limits?

  • Answer:  There are no Federal Guidelines or Regulations that determine an acceptable mold level.  Since no EPA or other federal limits have been set for mold or mold spores, sampling cannot be used to check a building’s compliance with federal mold standards.

Question:  Is it true that the State of Florida has some of the strictest mold laws out of any State?  

  • Answer:  I cannot compare Florida’s Laws to other State’s Laws as I am not familiar with other State’s Laws.  Florida does have very comprehensive Mold Laws however those laws do not establish any limits on what is acceptable amount of mold.  The laws are set up more towards who can assess, test, and remediate mold.  

Question:  Is your Company licensed to do mold?

  • Answer:  In Florida only “Individuals” can be licensed, not a Company.  Our Company has (2) State Licensed Mold Remediators and an Assessor and a License Hold is on every job site.  Check to see if someone is licensed in Florida.

Question:  I think I may have a mold problem because I can smell it.  Can you come out and bring that mold meter that can tell if it is the deadly black mold I’m always seeing in the news?

  • Answer:  Typically there are (2) different types of samples we collect; an air sample and a tape lift.  These samples are sent to a laboratory in Florida for analysis.  The laboratory will provide a report detailing the types of molds and their levels detected.   As far as I know there is no “mold meter” available on the market.  

Question:  Does your Company have that camera that can see if mold is growing behind my walls?

  • Answer:  Our Company has thermal imaging cameras that detects temperatures and provides an color image generated on temperatures however based on the manufacturer specs it cannot determine if mold is present.  As far as I know there is not such camera that determine if you have mold available on the market.  

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