Mold Test in Fort Myers for Tenant

Real Life Example of a Mold Test In Fort Myers

People Involved:  The downstairs tenant and their Attorney and the Land Lord

Who Hired Us?  The Downstairs Tenant and their Attorney

Scenario:  The tenant lives in the downstairs unit of a 2 story building.  The downstairs tenant has

Mold Spores on Wood Lamp

discovered water pooled on floor, wet walls and ceiling, and wet personal property multiple times and each time the Land Lord was notified.  The tenant does not believe the Land Lord has properly addressed the issue and is attempting to move out however the Land Lord will not let tenant break the lease agreement.  The tenant hired an Attorney for assistance.

Our State Licensed Mold Assessor inspects, take photographs, take an air

Mold Spores on Clothes

sample, and a tape lift sample.  The samples were sent to the laboratory and the laboratory results provided a breakdown of the molds discovered and the amounts measured.  The laboratory determined the levels to be “elevated” for the indoor environment.

Outcome: It appears our Assessment and Test Results is just the information needed by the Attorney because the “former” downstairs tenant called about a two weeks later and thanked us for all of our help.

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