Keeping Your Air Handler Mold Free in Cape Coral

How often should I replace my air filters in my home?

This is a common question posed by many Consumers and is a difficult answer and often starts with “depends”.  Depends on how often is the home is actually occupied and by how many people, if there are pets, types of pets, how many pets, does anyone suffer from allergies, are the windows and patio doors frequently opened?  These are just some of the factors that can play a role.

In Cape Coral it is common for the doors and windows to be open during the winter months.  The weather is beautiful; after all this is probably the reason you are down here.  Often when the doors and windows are open the air condition is not running so the filter is not being used as frequently as during the warmer summer months.  Once the summer and rainy season starts in Cape Coral it is common for the doors and windows to stay closed and the indoor environment is controlled by the air conditioning system.

Based on our experiences both by living in Southwest Florida and by being an Indoor Air Quality Specialist we have found that changing filters monthly (30 days) during the summer months and in the winter months with limited use a filter can go 60 – 90 days.  Wipe air return vent cover when you change filters to keep vent cover free from dust and debris.

We are not a licensed HVAC Contractor.  I encourage you contacting a local licensed HVAC Contractor and obtain their opinion.

Does your house smell musty?  Do you see condensation on any vents? Call (239) 500 – MOLD (6653).


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