How Long Does It Take Mold To Grow In Cape Coral

Water Staining where Ceiling and Wall join.

Rainy Season 2017 has started with monsoon like wind and rain.  In Lee and Collier Counties we went from drought like conditions to risk of flooding in a matter of a week.  Parts of Marco Island reported more than 19 inches of rain in a three day period.

Roof leaks are a common service call during rainy season.  Typically the Customer will notice a wet and or brown spot on their ceiling.  Immediate action can be difference between mold and no mold.

Mold Can Start To Grow In As Little As 24-48 Hours

See page 12 of this link published by the Environmental Protection Agency.

What To Do When You Discover a Roof Leak

The first step is try and stop the water at the source.  This may mean putting a tarp for example over the section of roofing that is leaking.  Sometimes determining where and how the water is getting in is easy and sometimes it is not.  Missing shingles or a impact from tree are easy problems to spot.  Leaky valleys and leaky flashing is not so easy to determine.  The next step is to get the inside dry as quickly as possible.  This may require the removal of insulation, drywall, rim moulding , plus setting up equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers.  Act immediately as mold can start to grow in as little as 24-48 hours.

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