Testing For Mold in Cape Coral / Fort Myers

Testing for Mold in Cape Coral and Fort Myers

Collecting and sending samples to the laboratory is common practice in the mold assessment and mold remediation industry.  The laboratory analysis of the collected samples is what is required in order to truly say whether or not mold is present.

How to Test for Mold?

These are the two primary methods we use for collecting samples for the laboratory.

Air Sample:

An air sample collects particles from the air for analysis.  There is a slide inside of a plastic housing.  The slide is sticky one side, the side facing the open air.  The other side of the slide housing is attached to a tube.  The tube is connected to an air pump that draws air into the plastic housing causing the particles to impact and stick to the sticky side of the slide inside plastic housing.  The laboratory removes the slide from the plastic housing and completes their analysis which can include looking at the slide under a microscope for example.  An air test does not only test mold but will also pick up any other airborne particles like pet dander and insect parts.

Tape Lift:

A tape lift is placed directly on top of the area in question.  There is a slide that is sticky on one side.  The sticky side of the slide is pressed onto the area in question in an effort to transfer particles from area in question to surface of slide.

Are you looking to have a sample collected and sent to a laboratory for analysis; call a Florida State Licensed Mold Assessor at (239) 500 – MOLD (6653).


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