Proper Dry Out Prevents Mold in Cape Coral

Proper Dry Out Prevents Mold in Cape Coral

Thermal Image Camera Helps Pinpoint Effected Area

You come home from work early only to find water pouring out of the kitchen ceiling.  This is the exact scenario for a recent Cape Coral Home Owner.  The Customer acted quickly by shutting the water off supply then seeking the need for dry out services.  H2ODryout, Inc. received the call shortly after 4pm. and our Emergency Service Truck arrived at the residence just before 5pm.  The techs stayed after regular business hours, well into the dark, working to mitigate the damages as efficiently as possible.  For added pressure the Customer was hosting her daughter’s wedding reception two Saturday’s from now.  It was Thursday Evening.

Because of an addition, the only way to access insulation in this part of house was through ceiling

The wet attic insulation and soft and hanging drywall was removed, bagged, and disposed.  The standing water was extracted, dehumidifiers and fans were placed on site, and all affected surfaces were treated with an anti-microbial all with the efforts of drying the property and avoid mold growth.  After four days of monitoring the drying process the structure was dry and repairs could start with enough time to be completed prior to the weekend wedding reception.  Her insurance company was billed directly for services rendered.

Removing wet materials is most effective method of drying

H2ODryout, Inc. is family owned, family operated, and understands the importance of significant family events; like weddings.  Our certified techs knew about the upcoming wedding reception and went the extra mile to ensure everything was dry prior to the event.  H2ODryout Inc.’s techs are IICRC Certified and trained to effectively and efficiently clean up fire, water, and mold damage.


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