Mold Behind Baseboards – Cape Coral

Mold Behind Baseboard in Cape Coral

As you read this think about how often a house is freshly painted when being sold and evasive procedures like pulling baseboard from a wall could be discouraged.  This is a real-life scenario that anyone purchasing a house could encounter.

Growth discovered behind the baseboard.

The Customer contacted our office because of a moldy, mildew smell coming from laundry room.  The Cape Coral house was recently purchased by the current Homeowners.  The smell was most noticeable when the doors were closed and the dryer was running.  Upon our inspection there was no visible growth on any surfaces and the recent Homeowners showed us the home inspection obtained prior to purchase in where there was no mention of mold or mildew.

It was an older home that was in very good condition.  Reluctantly the Homeowner agreed to allow to have the baseboard pulled away from walls.  It was discovered that the baseboards were the original baseboards installed during construction.  The baseboards were installed to unfinished drywall (prior to any sealant or paint being applied).  At one point there was more than likely a water problem with the water heater or washing machine (both of which are located in this room) because behind the baseboard, growth was discovered and the odor became much more noticeable the moment the baseboard was pulled from wall and this area was exposed.

Screenshot of what borescope visual inside wall.

Without pulling the baseboard from the wall the visible growth went undetected for the recent purchase.

“Often a house is freshly painted when being sold and evasive procedures like pulling baseboard from a wall could be discouraged.”

The wall cavity was further inspected with a borescope ( and Homeowner was able to see on the screen of the borescope that there was visible growth on the back of the drywall and on the wood framing.

As often the case with mold, the full extent of the damages will not be known until the actual remediation process is started and the removal of damaged areas allow for further inspection.  This is why it is important to do your research now and find someone you feel comfortable with that you can call for guidance in the event you have an issue with mold.

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