Preferred Vendor Sends Invoice For “Work Not Covered”

“Work Not Covered”

In this scenario the Home Owner suffered a water loss and called their Insurance Company to notify them of the loss.  The Insurance Company suggested the Home Owner contact the

Valve broke causing water to flow into house

Insurance Company’s Preferred Restoration Vendor in that area.  The Preferred Vendor explained to the Home Owner that the Insurance Company would pay them for directly for the restoration work completed.  The Home Owner was assured that by using the Preferred Vendor the claims process and restoration process would be effective and efficient.

Floors & Walls have been removed

The restoration process went smooth until the Home Owner received an invoice for “work not covered” in their email.  At the final stages of the restoration process the Home Owner was notified that they owed the Preferred Vendor an additional $5,500 for restoration costs in addition to their deductible for “work not covered”.  This Home Owner had a limit of $10,000 for Mold damages and based on what the invoice stated there was $15,500 in Mold restoration costs completed.  The difference was the Home Owner’s responsibilty to pay.

Do You Know Your Mold Limit Amount..?

Needless to say the Property Owner was not happy with this information but because the work was complete and because the Property Owner understood it was their own fault for not taking a more pro-active role in understanding their restoration process; they were stuck paying the bill.

If you are a Home Owner or Property Owner, do yourself a favor and figure out now who you would call in the event a pipe breaks, the water heater ruptures, the air conditioner overflows, you smell a moldy smell, etc.  And if you do choose to work with a Preferred Vendor, do not simply trust everything will be taken care of; make sure you understand all costs associated with restoration at the beginning as to avoid invoices at the end.


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