Window Leak in Cape Coral

Water Damage Leads to Mold Damage

Visible Mold Growing Along Baseboard & Floor

Keeping the yard watered is a very important factor in maintaining a lush landscape.  During rainy season Mother Nature takes care of watering the yard however during dry season we often depend on irrigation or sprinkler systems.  Unknown to this Homeowner their sprinkler head shifted and was now spraying their window.  The constant flow of water onto the windows eventually made its way into the wall cavity.  By the time the problem was discovered mold was already growing in their bedroom.

Remediating Mold Starts With Stopping the Water Source


The Structural Components Need to be Properly Remediated Because They Cannot Be Removed & Discarded

The first step was figuring out what the source of water was and stopping it from re-occuring so the window was re-sealed and the sprinkler head adjusted.  A containment barrier was installed to reduce the risk of spreading the mold spores.  The remediation included the the drying of structural components, the removal of water damaged and moldy items, an application of anti-microbial, hepa vaccuuming, and encapsulation.  All of the air within the containment chamber was scrubbed for 3 days.

Once remediation was complete, a third party laboratory provided a clearance report so that repairs could be finalized.



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