Moldy Kitchen in Cape Coral

Mold Growing Behind Kitchen Cabinets in Cape Coral

The Customer smelled a musty smell when they went in their cabinet under their sink in the Kitchen.  The Customer felt the smell would get worse when they ran their dishwasher.  Unfortunately they were right and heavy mold growth was discovered behind their cabinets.  Apparently the dishwasher leaked causing hidden water damage and triggering mold growth.

Containment was installed around the damaged areas so that the mold would not spread.  The mold damaged items, like drywall and cabinets, were removed and discarded.  The framing needed to thoroughly cleaned with use of hepa vacuums, anti-microbial, an application of encapsulant, and after 48 hours of air scrubbing a “post remediation clearance report” was provided by the independent third party laboratory confirming the mold levels were not elevated.

Now with a clean bill of health the Customer could get the Kitchen put back together again.

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