Florida Mold License Search

Use this link to search for an individual’s mold license


Understanding the search results

The State of Florida offer two different mold licenses; the mold assessor and the mold remediator.

MRSA – A “Mold Assessor” means any person who performs or directly supervises a mold assessment.

MRSR – A “Mold Remediator” means any person who performs mold remediation.

  • These licenses are only given to individuals; meaning that “a company” is not licensed.  Therefore “a company” must employ an individual licensee(s).

In the event there is a need for a mold assessor or a mold remediator utilize the “license search” link above to confirm the individual’s licenses.  Make sure to understand “who” the actual license holder is and what role this individual will play meaning – will that person ever be on site or will they oversee the job from a distance.

Ask if the License Holder will be on site?

It has been my experience that some restoration companies have the State required licensee however that individual sits in an office and will never be present on any job site but instead directly oversees the job from a distance.  A business model that may better represent the intent of the State’s reasoning for licensing is having the State Licensee on site and involved in the process.  It just seems to make sense having the license holder; the person with the experience and the knowledge, play an active role in the job.




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