Is Your Mold Remediator Also Your Mold Inspector?

Checks & Balances Assessor & Remediator

The company who performs the inspection should be independent of any other interest in the remediation or reconstruction.  More States, like Florida are finding it necessary to step in and protect their citizens by establishing Laws and licensing to prevent this serious conflict of interest.  The goal is to clearly communicate to the Consumer the reason, the role, and the costs of each individual involved in the process.    

Actual Scenario When Mold Is Discovered In Florida:

  • A house was listed for sale.
  • The potential buyer had a home inspection completed by a “Home Inspector” and the “Home Inspector” discovered what appeared to be mold growth.
  • A “Mold Assessor” was hired to take tests to confirm mold growth and prepares a Protocol on how to clean.
  • A “Mold Remediator” is hired to clean / remediate the mold.
  • A “Post Remediation Test” is taken to confirm clean up was successful.


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